Why Union?

Union PDX is an avenue to provide much needed resources to artists seeking greater foundational support and to help create a healthy community for Portland dance.

Who produces Union PDX?

The Union PDX festival is a program of the Portland-based dance company push/FOLD, and is the brain-child of the multi-disciplinary artist and artistic director Samuel Hobbs.

What is the mission of Union PDX?

To create a platform for artists to achieve greater work, to decrease barriers to visibility and access for artists and audiences, and to and encourage a diverse influence on Portland's dance community.

What does the Union PDX logo symbolize?

Community, Direct Vision, Clarity with Simplicity, and Growth. It is a start and an open-ended mark symbolizing that our paths are undetermined and yet still chosen.

Why Portland?

Portland is a melting pot of ideas. For years it has been heralded as an incredible city for upcoming artists and it needs continual help to keep that alive.

Why a festival?

It as a forum for dance. It is an opportunity to share ideas with our community that we would not otherwise have. It is one solution to the Catch-22, "you need job experience to get job experience."

As a community, we must seek a variety of tastes to keep us healthy, and by providing performance and training platforms for professional dance artists inside of Portland, we can elevate dance in Portland to increasingly higher levels.

Is the festival only open to Portland Artists?

We welcome companies and artists from all over the world who are focused on creating contemporary work in any dance genre or tradition.

Like all life, Portland needs variety.

Workshops & Masterclasses?

Education is a core tenet of the Union PDX festival, for audiences, donors, students, and professional artists.

Maserclasses help highlight the skills of Portland's dancers while providing opportunities to build relationships between dancers, companies, and choreographers both inside and outside of Portland. Workshops are also how we must train the next generations of professional artists and provide missing components required for the next steps in our professional careers.

Incredible professional artists, attracted to our strong arts community and our beautiful glow from afar, migrate into Portland. However, the feedback we hear is that when they get here, they experience difficulties accessing the professional-level classes and choreographers they enjoy. Some of these dancers are leave. That is a great loss to our city.

We must ensure that Portland's professional dance scene is constantly growing. By elevating the voices of choreographers by building opportunities inside of our city, we improve ourselves as a community.

How are you supported?

We rely on the love our community has for the Arts. We are 100% supported by donors, sponsors, and volunteers; and of course Ticket and Merchandise Sales.

Our Union PDX website was created and is maintained entirely by Samuel Hobbs, the Artistic Director of push/FOLD. Samuel's time and effort is largely volunteer.

Support through donations volunteering towards Samuel's effort is greatly appreciated, and helps ensure Union PDX continues to provide services to professional dancers inside Portland and abroad.