As a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and director, Robert Guitron’s career spans 42 years. For the past 18 yrs. Has been the Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Polaris Dance Theatre, Robert Guitron has developed many outreach programs under the roof of Polaris. Polaris believes that dance should be accessible, inclusive, equitable, and diverse; all should have access to dance regardless of socioeconomic background, age, race, gender, identity, and physical or mental ability. Robert Guitron has spearheaded the following programs at Polaris: All Access Dance, Groovin’ Greenhouse, Galaxy Dance Festival, Cultural Exchanges, and Free to Dance.

Polaris is the home of two professional dance companies, Polaris Dance Theatre, and Ella Falla Collective, to include three more dance companies within the next 10 years. And two pre-professional youth company JCO and Neo. All Access Dance is a program that provides a safe space for those with disabilities to explore the movement capabilities of their bodies. Groovin’ Greenhouse is a festival for emerging work from companies and new independent choreographers an affordable platform and exposure in Portland. Galaxy Dance Festival is growing into a national dance festival open to the public and offers free dance performances and classes presented by a multitude of local, regional, and national companies. It is an inclusive and collaborative platform that strives to help spectators and participants develop a better appreciation of the diversity of dance that is happening in our community. Over 3,500 people attend Galaxy Dance Festival every year.

Twice per year, Polaris hosts 50-70 children from China in collaboration with the Children’s Welfare Palace of Shanghai. Polaris provides these children with dance and vocal classes and workshops, taught by local instructors and choreographers. The children are also given performance opportunities, allowing them to share traditional Chinese dances with American audiences. Polaris offers free dance opportunities throughout the year, free classes, free performances for public schools and non-profit organizations, and programming for the public.